View from Condor flight between Berlin and Hurghada.

My flight with Condor from Berlin to Hurghada (DE490)

I chose Condor as our airline because the flight was direct and it’s was cheap, I paid around 280 € per person and this is a good price for a flight on the 26 of December! It’s hard to find a direct flight to Hurghada (HRG) from Berlin. I booked my flight trough Opondoo, a really good website for finding cheap flights!

The flight was from Schönefeld Airport (SXF). We were there quite early at the airport and didn’t have any queue and this was really good! Because right after we checked in we literally run to Burger King! We didn’t have any breakfast at home and were thinking of this before already. We knew that there is a Burger King at the airport but we were not sure if they are open so early or not. But thanks god it was! And to be honest it was a really great breakfast! Right after this we went to our gate and waited for boarding.

Burgerking food in Schönefeld Airport.

We reserved our seats online and also booked a premium menu for 8.99€ per person for the flight because nowadays you don’t get any food at the condor flights. And the flight from Berlin to Hurghada is quite long. Around 4 hours and 10 minutes. And I am always hungry and like to eat on the plane. The menu that we booked was okay for the price.

The seats in Condor are really small. My boyfriend is tall but thanks to our love we could survive it somehow. We watched the minions on his computer and played Subway Surfer! BTW the best game to play if you have a big waiting period. In the plane, you get the paper for the Visa process and have to fill out some things like:

  • Flight number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Reason for stay
  • Hotelname

But the stewards are there for help and are very kind.
After we landed at Hurghada international Airport it was important for us to be fast in the passport control. A small tip is that you should not be too slow else the passport control will take very much time! Another tip is to not be too fast! Because then you can forget things in the plane. We forgot a small bag from the duty-free shop in the plane, but we got it back fast after we talked with someone from the staff and for sure he wanted a little gift from us for his help.

Welcome to Hurghada!