Old town Gdansk

Shorttrip to Gdansk

We made a little holiday in one of the most beautiful cities of Poland! Gdansk! I was there before for one night with my boyfriend and we knew we have to come back in summer! My boyfriend is from Poland and he knows much about Gdansk/Poland because he is running a Swedish website about Gdansk and Poland. So we did and packed also my best friend. Sadly the weather was not that good but this could not stop us to have a nice vacation! Gdansk belongs together with Gdynia and Sopot. Together they are called Tri-City metropolitan area.

Old town Gdansk

Berlin to Gdansk

As some of you know I live in Berlin and from there we also went to Gdansk. We took the train because this was the cheapest solution and it was not that bad! We booked first class AND seats! Sometimes when the train is too full you do not get seats, even when you booked the first class. For 6 hours train ride it was really important for us! If you drive from Berlin I have one recommendation for you to safe money! Book at first a Berlin-Brandenburg Ticket with this you can drive to Szczecin (Or in Germany we call this city Stettin) and then book tickets from Stettin to Gdansk. You can get tickets in Stettin but also online. The difference is quite big. If you buy the whole ticket from Berlin you pay German prices ( around 100€ per person) but when you book from Stettin to Gdansk and take the polish train then you pay of course the polish prices (50€ per person). BUT do not forget to book seats also in the polish train ( If you want to have some). We watched movies while the ride and were literally shopping in KFC before so we do not starve to death on the train. Ha ha. In the most of the train, they also have food but it is always cheaper and also much nicer to bring something with you.

Old Town Apartment

After we arrived in Gdansk we had to find the reception for our flat we booked for our trip. Google maps and Taxi drivers will be a big help for your trip. Our help was that my boyfriend is half polish and he was quite often in Gdansk before. So we found the reception of the Old Town Apartments Apartinfo and checked in and got the keys. Now we needed to walk around 10 minutes to get to our apartment. We had our flat in the middle of the beautiful old town of Gdansk. We had it close to the train, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. So we had everything we needed in walk distance. The Apartment itself was really okay. We had one bedroom and an open living room with kitchen. In the living room was a big comfortable couch to sleep on for my best friend. The beds were little too hard for us but everybody is different in this. The couch was little bit softer than our bed. The Bathroom was big enough and the shower worked too good… and with this I mean that the whole bathroom was underwater after someone showered. The Wifi worked really good and with the kitchen we were also pleased. After all we felt good in this apartment. It always could be better but for this price in the middle of the old town we can not complain. We paid 78€ per night for 3 person. So everyone paid 26€ per night and this is really cheap.

Restaurants & Bars

We tired quite many restaurants and bars and we ate well in all of them! So you do not have to worry about finding a good restaurant. The old town of Gdansk is a tourist place and they care about the tourists there. So for you, it is just the question what do you like? Chinese? Mexican? Oriental? Or maybe typical polish food? You will find every in and around the old town.

What I recommend the most is Sphinx. This is a restaurant chain and it is quite famous in Poland and really really really nice. Especially for people that like to eat meat! You get really full for little money. Here is a restaurant finder for Sphinx and here is the menu. Sadly they just have it in polish on the website but in the restaurants they have also menus in English.

What to do?

I am not that history fan so I did not do any tours or something like this. What I really want to do next time is to go with one of the pirate’s ships. Sadly the weather was not the best when we there so we did not do it. One thing I recommend is to go on the Amber Eye or Gdansk Eye (There are more names for it), on this you can see the whole beautiful Old Town. I was there in the evening and it was really beautiful to watch. Else you can shop much in Poland because Poland is so nice cheap! Mostly you find this shops in the side streets, where you can find many cheap shoes that are really nice. I have extremely many shoes from Poland and they are super!
Gdansk has endless of Shopping Malls (Poland in general) that you can visit and shop.
There is one gigantic Mall called Centrum Riviera. This is one is not directly in Gdansk but in Gdynia. This you reach fast and simple with the train. On the website also stand how you can reach this mall with different vehicles.

In March we go there again and I will definitely tell you about it! 🙂
I know that Poland does not sound like the biggest country to travel to. BUT I just recommend it! I was already so often in Poland now and I love it there. The Tri-City metropolitan area with Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia is my favorite til now in Poland. So it is really worth to travel there.

L'Osteria berlin

The Pizza and Pasta heaven in the L’Osteria Berlin

A really nice restaurant in the heart of Berlin, next to the Berlin Zoo or next to the Bikini Berlin. You can walk there from the train station Zoologischer Garten or Wittenbergplatz. The KaDeWe is often a place to be for tourist so when you are there already you can make a stop at one of my favorite restaurants. With English they don’t have any problem and also have English menus. When you are more than two persons you should make a reservation because it is always full there. Around noon you can be lucky and find a place there but for the evening better make a call. Check their site here!


You get there amazing fresh Pasta and Pizza. The Pizza is gigantic and super delicious! You can also order a half Pizza because most of the people cannot eat the whole. My boyfriend and I always share one Pizza mostly BBQ Chicken and our favorite Pasta ( Orecchiette di Manzo al Limone) it is amazing! I die all the time when I eat this pasta because it tastes so delicious. As dessert, you have to try the chocolate soufflé with mango-passion sorbet. It is the perfect dish for me because I love chocolate, and mango is one of my favorite fruits and the combination is really good.


They have fresh homemade lemonade there and that taste really good and is the perfect refreshing for summer. My favourite lemonade is mango with mint. I did not taste much of the alcoholic drinks, because most of the time I am there for lunch. The only thing I tasted was the Hugo that was really good and with fresh mint. For sure they have all normal alcohol free drinks but I recommend the lemonade because Cola you can drink everywhere.


The prices are more than okay. The price is worth the place and the good food. Normally when you eat at a nice restaurant around the Ku’damm you pay much more for a dish but here are the prices in a normal range. For a main dish you pay around 10 to 20 € and this is not much As I said the pizza is gigantic and the pasta also has good portions. Drinks also have normal prices for the Hugo you pay 5,50€.

So after the shopping at the Ku’damm, you can walk to the L’osteria and enjoy a delicious meal there or take a refreshing drink!

Food and drinks at Sausalitos Berlin

Preparty at Sausalitos

The Bar

I am totally in love with this bar! The atmosphere is amazing and the service is good. The only problem is that it is always full there so it is a good idea to call and make a reservation if you are more than 3 people. Sometimes you can be lucky and still get a place but especially at the weekend, you should make a reservation (You can also book a table online here or you can call them). They have more locations in Germany but I just have been in the in Berlin one. The bar is located in the Kantstraße and it is near from the S & U Zoologischer Garten and U-Kurfürstendamm. Check the location here. This place is the perfect start for a nice evening. The music gets you in party mood, the service is nice and fun, the drinks are amazing and the whole location is just great. The chairs are not the most comfortable ones but this you forget really fast after the first zip from your amazing cocktail! 😉

Food & Drinks

The cocktails are just amazing! Every drink I took there til now was really tasty. I am more this fresh and fruity kind of person when it comes to drinks, and trust me they have much of this. My boyfriend likes cocktails with whipped cream and he says that these are also very good. Sausalitos use good alcohol and this you taste in the cocktails, you really can taste that they do not use the cheap stuff. They use like Smirnoff, Absolut, Sierra Tequila and so on. After two cocktails I often feel already dizzy sometimes after one big one. They have two sizes in the drinks and I nearly always take the big one. A really cool thing is that they do not use normal fruits to decorate the cocktails, they use sweets like marshmallows and this is really fun. Now to the food! At first, you need to visit the Taco Tuesday! You get a taco for 1€ with chili con carne, chicken, chicken barbecue or with vegetables and they taste really nice for just 1€. I do not remember how much my friends and I ordered at this day but it was much and when the bartender asked if we want one last thing because the kitchen will close we ordered more tacos. So we were really in love with this cheap sins. The Fingerfood-Sampler was also really nice and my boyfriend and I fought for every piece with each other. I did not eat there for real yet but the starter and the finger food I tried were really good. It is always such a pleasure to eat and drinks there. BTW they also make cocktails to go! 😉


Now we come to the money part. If you live in Berlin and know how cheap you can get cocktails this bar has kind of expensive prices. Yes, you can find bars where you just pay 3,90 € for a cocktail but for me, it is important how bars make their cocktails. In Sausalitos I know they use good stuff and make alcohol inside. Some weeks ago I was in a bar and a cocktail was 4,50€ and after 3 cocktails I did not feel any effect from alcohol and the drinks did not taste so good. So it is your own choice if you would like to pay more and also get more or pay little and get little. For sure there are bars that have cheaper prices and good quality but I recommend this bar so much because it is my absolute favorite bar in Berlin right now. A normal cocktail cost around 7-8 € and a large one start from 10€. I always take the large one because I have the feeling that I get more for the money, but maybe it is just in my head. The food has a normal price range. You get a main dish for around 10€ and some snacks from 5€. I really can recommend the Fingerfood-Sampler for more people for two hungry people, because it was so delicious.

To be honest I like to pay for everything there and the people around me also. In the beginning, when some of my friends saw the prices they were like “oh okay…”, but after they got they things they were more than satisfied because they know cocktails for 4,50€ and the cocktails they get at Sausalitos. So one thing I can say: I will be there whenever I can!

And btw this Bar is just a few steps away from The Pearl Berlin! This is one of my favourite Clubs here in Berlin! Check The Pearl here! 

Häagen-Dazs chocolate fondue for two

Chocolate time at Häagen-Dazs

I love chocolate! I am a really big chocolate lover and this is the perfect place for me! Sometimes all you need is chocolate or for the hot summer days a really nice ice cream. I think this is an amazing place for a first date or the second, third … it is just a nice place for a date! My boyfriend brought me 3 times there and I liked it every time!


They have more locations in Berlin but I was just in this coffee shop at the Kurfürstendamm. It is close to the train station U Uhlandstraße but it is not far away from the Zoologischer Garten. From the whole Ku’damm you can walk there and it will take maximum 20 minutes. The coffee shop itself is quite small and next to a hotel. In summer you also have seats and tables outside. So it is the perfect place to take an ice cream break in the summer from all the shopping at the Ku’damm.

Check the locations here!

Food and drinks

What I can recommend for couples is the chocolate fondue for two. You get two glasses of champagne, fruits, cookies, nuts, and cute little scoops in 3 differents tastes and for sure the most important the chocolate! You can choose what kind of chocolate you want white, milk or dark. We always took milk and we really liked it. the fruits were fresh and good. For sure you get not always the same fruits, you get the fruits that are available at this season. The champagne was okay and the scoops are on something that cools them so they do not melt so fast. If you like to have something not so gigantic then you can also take cups with Ice cream or a milkshake. They have a really big menu and with that, I always have it hard to decide because everything sounds good. Even when you don’t chocolate it is a nice place to go because they do not have just chocolate. So this coffee shop is not just about chocolate! No, they also have many things with fruits for example milkshakes and for sure so much different types of scoops for nonchocoholics.


Now we come to the sad part. Yes, it is more expensive but no it is not something where you go every day. It is something special and the Kurfürstendamm is known for the high prices but to be honest I like to pay for things I know they are worth it. For this fondue for two, we paid 25 € and this offer is really okay for all the things you get for this price. And this is Häagen-Dazs, so it is a brand that is known for their higher prices. For the shakes, you pay around 5-8 € and for the cups, it really depends on how big and what is inside but it also starts at 5 and the maximum is around 15 €.

Everybody have to make their own experience with this cafe. I also read the reviews on Google and I saw that there were people that complained so much about this cafe but I am sorry all the I was there the service was really friendly and fast. They made everything good and I did not have a problem to pay this price. So I will go there again and enjoy the chocolate! A small tip when you plan to eat the fondue: do not wear white or maybe I am just a little unable to eat without making something on my clothes because I am so into the chocolate.